Reptile Heat Mat

Reptile Heat Mat

Reptile Heat Mat

Create the ideal habitat for your terrestrial tropical or desert reptiles with our Reptile Heat Pad. proudly presents this efficient and safe heating solution, designed to offer "belly heat" that simulates the warmth of their natural environment. Whether you're caring for bearded dragons, uromastyx, tortoises, or other high-temperature loving reptiles, our heat pads are a favorite choice for providing comfort, promoting digestion, and maintaining optimal terrarium temperatures.

Key Features:

  • Easy Installation: Our under tank heaters or heating pads feature a hassle-free peel-and-stick installation, making them convenient for mounting on the bottom of glass terrariums.

  • Safe and Controlled Heat: These heating mats are engineered not to get excessively hot, ensuring the safety of your reptiles while effectively increasing floor temperatures in the terrarium.

  • Digestive System Support: The gentle heat provided by our heat pads encourages your pet's digestive system, promoting healthy feeding habits and overall well-being.

  • Versatile Use: Our heat pads are not only suitable for under-tank placement but can also be utilized inside hides or other areas of your terrarium not exposed to light. They offer a comfortable retreat for your reptile when needed.

  • Multiple Wattage and Sizes: Choose from our range of wattage and sizes to best suit your terrarium setup:Mini: 4x7", 4 watts
    Small: 6x8", 8 watts
    Medium: 8x12", 16 watts
    Large: 8x18", 24 watts

  • UL Approved: Rest easy knowing that our heating element is UL approved, meeting rigorous safety standards for your peace of mind.

Proper Usage Tips:

  • Provide Air Flow: When using the heat pad under the tank, make sure to provide adequate air flow. Place the included bumpers in the four corners of the enclosure to elevate the tank slightly, ensuring the heating pad is not flush to the ground.

  • Allow Space: If applying the heat pad on the sides of the enclosure, leave enough room between the wall and the enclosure for proper air circulation.

Elevate the comfort and well-being of your beloved reptiles with's Reptile Heat Pad. Create a cozy and temperature-controlled habitat that supports their digestive health and natural instincts. Order your heat pad today and watch your reptiles thrive in the warmth of their own little paradise.

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