Create Your Own Jungle Oasis: Best Tropical Plants For Vivariums

Create Your Own Jungle Oasis: Best Tropical Plants For Vivariums

Create Your Own Jungle Oasis: Best Tropical Plants For Vivariums
Posted on February 13th, 2024

Creating a miniature jungle oasis within the comfort of your own home has never been easier, thanks to the wonders of vivarium. 

These enclosed environments offer a unique opportunity to cultivate a lush, tropical paradise that not only beautifies your space but also promotes a healthy, natural ecosystem. 

The key to achieving this verdant utopia lies in selecting the right tropical plants for a vivarium. With an array of vibrant, humidity-loving flora available, it's possible to design a habitat that closely mimics the rich and diverse ecosystems found in the tropics. 

From the air-purifying Devil's Ivy to the moisture-loving Live Sphagnum Moss, each plant adds a distinct touch to your vivarium, contributing to its overall health and aesthetic appeal. 

Navigating the selection of tropical plants for a terrarium can be a daunting task, but with the right knowledge and resources, anyone can transform their space into a thriving tropical haven. 

This guide aims to illuminate the path to selecting the perfect foliage for your vivarium, ensuring a robust, flourishing ecosystem that brings a portion of the tropics into your home.

The Essence of Tropical Plants in Vivariums

Creating a thriving ecosystem within a vivarium tank requires a careful selection of plants that not only grow well in enclosed spaces but also contribute to the health and well-being of the habitat's inhabitants. Tropical plants, with their diverse forms and functions, play a pivotal role in establishing a balanced, self-sustaining environment that mimics the natural world.

What Plants Grow in the Tropics?

Tropical regions are renowned for their biodiversity, hosting an immense variety of plants that thrive in warm, humid conditions. These plants are adapted to life under the canopy of rainforests, where light is dappled and moisture is abundant and it may be cooler. 

In a vivarium setting, these conditions can be replicated to support the growth of tropical species, providing a lush, green backdrop that enhances the aesthetic of your miniature jungle. Understanding which plants are native to these environments can guide your selection process, ensuring your vivarium flourishes.

Benefits of Tropical Plants in Vivariums

Incorporating tropical plants into your vivarium isn't just about aesthetics; it's also about creating a functional ecosystem that supports the health of its inhabitants. These plants play a crucial role in regulating humidity levels, purifying the air, and providing shelter and food for any fauna that might share the space. 

By carefully selecting the right tropical plants for a vivarium, you can create a self-sustaining environment that requires minimal intervention, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your miniature tropical oasis with ease.

Choosing the Right Plants for Your Tropical Vivarium

Selecting the perfect plants for your tropical vivarium involves more than just picking out the most visually appealing options. It requires an understanding of the specific needs and conditions of your vivarium, including humidity levels, lighting, and space constraints. 

Each plant species has its own set of requirements for optimal growth, and finding the right match for your vivarium's conditions is crucial for creating a thriving ecosystem. This section will guide you through the considerations you need to make when choosing plants for your tropical vivarium, ensuring that your selection not only survives but thrives.

Understanding Your Vivarium's Ecosystem

Before adding any plants to your vivarium, it's essential to understand the type of ecosystem you're trying to create. Are you aiming for a rainforest theme with high humidity and moderate to low light, or a more arid, tropical savanna environment? Different plants thrive under different conditions, and matching your plants to your vivarium's intended climate will ensure their health and growth. 

This understanding will guide your selection process, ensuring that each plant contributes positively to the ecosystem you're aiming to replicate.

Space and Growth Requirements

Considering the growth habits and space requirements of your chosen plants is vital to avoid overcrowding and to ensure that each plant has enough room to thrive. Some tropical plants can grow quite large and may overshadow smaller, more delicate species. Planning for the mature size of each plant will help maintain the balance and aesthetics of your vivarium. 

Additionally, understanding the root systems and foliage spread of your plants will help you design a layout that accommodates the dynamic growth patterns of a tropical ecosystem.

Top Tropical Plants for Vivariums and Terrariums

In this section, we'll explore some of the best tropical plants to consider for your vivarium or terrarium. Each plant listed below has been selected for its beauty, ease of care, and ability to contribute positively to the enclosed ecosystem of a vivarium. These plants are not only visually stunning but also play crucial roles in maintaining the health and balance of your miniature jungle.

1. Live Sphagnum Moss

Live Sphagnum Moss is an excellent choice for any vivarium due to its incredible moisture-retention capabilities and its role in creating a stable environment for other plants. This moss provides a soft, absorbent base that helps maintain humidity levels, making it ideal for tropical setups. Sometimes sphagnum moss in our vivarium substrate mixes will grow again in the right conditions.

Additionally, it can aid in the growth of other plants by providing a supportive, nutrient-rich substrate. Its lush, green appearance adds a layer of depth and texture to the vivarium floor, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your miniature ecosystem.

2. Devil's Ivy (Epipremnum aureum)

Devil's Ivy, also known as Golden Pothos, is a versatile and hardy plant that can thrive in a variety of vivarium settings. Its trailing vines and heart-shaped leaves add an element of lushness and vitality to any setup. This plant is particularly valued for its air-purifying qualities, as it can absorb and neutralize toxins, contributing to a healthier environment for all vivarium inhabitants. 

Easy to care for and adaptable to different light conditions, Devil's Ivy is a fantastic addition to both novice and experienced vivarium enthusiasts alike.

3. Selaginella Spikemoss

Picture a vivarium where Selaginella gracefully cascades from branches, creating a canopy for your inhabitants to explore. Envision vibrant hues of green and gold, transforming your vivarium into a living masterpiece that will be the envy of fellow hobbyists. Selaginella thrives in warm, humid environments, making it a perfect match for tropical vivariums. It's relatively easy to care for, requiring only moderate light and regular watering. This plant can grow to be quite bushy, providing cover and adding to the layered complexity of your vivarium's landscape.

Incorporating these plants into your vivarium will not only enhance its beauty but also contribute to a balanced and healthy ecosystem. Remember, the key to a successful tropical vivarium lies in the careful selection and maintenance of its plant life. By choosing the right plants for your specific setup and caring for them properly, you can create a thriving, self-sustaining tropical oasis that brings a piece of the jungle into your home.

How to Purchase Tropical Plants for Your Vivarium

When it comes to enriching your vivarium with lush, tropical plants, knowing where and how to purchase them is crucial. The right selection of plants can transform your vivarium into a thriving ecosystem, but finding a reputable source that offers quality, variety, and specific plants suited for vivarium use is essential. This section will guide you through the process of selecting and purchasing tropical plants for your vivarium, ensuring you get the best possible start for your miniature jungle.

Choosing a Reputable Supplier

The first step in purchasing tropical plants for your vivarium is to identify a reputable supplier who specializes in vivarium and terrarium plants. A good supplier will offer a wide range of healthy, pest-free plants, ideally with information on their care and suitability for different types of vivarium setups. Look for suppliers who are knowledgeable about vivarium ecosystems and can provide guidance on which plants will best meet the needs of your specific setup. Your Go-To Source for Tropical Plants

For those looking to purchase tropical plants for a vivarium, stands out as a premier supplier. Offering a curated selection of plants perfect for vivarium use, including Live Sphagnum Moss, Devil's Ivy, and Selaginella, ensures that each plant is of the highest quality and suited for thriving in a vivarium environment. Their expertise in vivarium plants means you can find not only the plants you need but also receive valuable advice on how to incorporate them into your setup successfully.

Care Tips for Your Vivarium's Tropical Plants

Maintaining a vivarium requires more than just selecting the right plants; it also involves proper care and maintenance to ensure your plants and the entire ecosystem thrive. Tropical plants in a vivarium need attention to their specific needs regarding light, water, and soil conditions. This section provides essential care tips for keeping your tropical plants healthy and your vivarium flourishing.

Watering and Humidity

Tropical plants typically require a humid environment and consistent moisture to thrive. It's important to regularly mist your vivarium plants, maintaining a level of humidity that mimics their natural tropical habitat. However, overwatering can lead to root rot and other issues, so ensuring proper drainage and allowing the soil to slightly dry out between waterings is crucial.

Lighting and Temperature

Proper lighting is essential for the growth and health of tropical plants. Most tropical vivarium plants prefer bright, indirect light that simulates the dappled sunlight of their natural environment. LED grow lights can provide a consistent light source if natural light is insufficient. Additionally, maintaining a stable temperature that mirrors the warm conditions of a tropical climate will help your plants thrive.

By following these guidelines and providing the right care for your tropical plants, you can create a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem within your vivarium. Remember, the success of your vivarium hinges on the health of its plants, so taking the time to understand and meet their needs is essential. With the right care and attention, your tropical vivarium will be a thriving, self-sustaining miniature jungle that brings the beauty of the tropics into your home.

Consider other plants that we carry: Begonias, ferns and mosses, Anthuriums, Bromeliads, Orchids, Margravia, Rhaphidophora and Sonarilla.


Embarking on the journey to create your own jungle oasis is an enriching experience that not only enhances your living space but also connects you with the natural world. 

At, we're dedicated to helping you every step of the way, from selecting the perfect tropical plants for your vivarium to providing expert advice on care and maintenance. Discover our range of vivarium supplies and plants and let us assist you in transforming your vision into a vibrant, living ecosystem. For personalized guidance or more information, feel free to get in touch via text at (801) 390-1158 or via email at [email protected].  

Start your tropical vivarium journey today and bring a piece of the lush, verdant tropics into your home.

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