Bocas Del Toro Frog Dendrobates auratus

Bocas Del Toro Frog Dendrobates auratus


Introducing the Bocas Del Toro locale, a rare and enchanting amphibian that hails from the lush rainforests of Panama's Bocas Del Toro archipelago. At, we take pride in offering nature enthusiasts the opportunity to bring this captivating and endangered species into their homes while supporting conservation efforts.


  • Exquisite Beauty: The Bocas Del Toro Frog stands as a testament to nature's artistry, showcasing a remarkable display of colors. Its vibrant green and black hues combine to create an unforgettable visual spectacle. What's truly exceptional is the intriguing metallic shimmer within their green coloration, giving them an appearance akin to a mesmerizing metal flake effect.

  • Unique Species: This frog is not just a beautiful pet; it's a conversation starter. As a species threatened by habitat loss and chytrid fungus, owning one of these frogs helps raise awareness and support conservation initiatives.

  • Moderate Size: These frogs are of moderate size, making them suitable for dedicated amphibian enthusiasts. Their manageable size allows for easy care and observation.

  • Active Behavior: Bocas Del Toro Frogs are known for their lively and entertaining behavior. Watching them explore their habitat and interact with their surroundings is a joy for hobbyists and nature lovers.

  • Environmental Enrichment: Owning one of these frogs can be a rewarding experience as it encourages a deeper connection to rainforest ecosystems and a commitment to their preservation.

Why Choose

When you choose for your Bocas Del Toro Frog, you are making a responsible choice. Our commitment to ethical practices and conservation includes:

  • Captive Bred: We breed these frogs so wild frogs can stay in their habitats.

  • Educational Resources: provides educational resources and guidance on caring for your Bocas Del Toro Frog and supporting conservation efforts.

  • Species Preservation: A portion of every purchase goes towards conservation programs aimed at preserving the natural habitats of these unique frogs.

Bring a piece of the Bocas Del Toro rainforest into your home with the Bocas Del Toro Frog. By choosing, you not only gain a remarkable pet but also contribute to the protection of a species on the brink of extinction. Order your Bocas Del Toro Frog today and become a steward of nature's wonders.

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