Epipedobates anthonyi 'Santa Isabel'

Epipedobates anthonyi 'Santa Isabel'

Epipedobates anthonyi 'Santa Isabel'

Prepare to be entranced by the mesmerizing Epipedobates anthonyi 'Santa Isabel', a captivating and unique amphibian brought to you by BugEaters.co. Epipedobates anthonyi 'Santa Isabel', commonly referred to as the Santa Isabel poison dart frog, is a captivating and vibrant amphibian species that hails from the rainforests of Santa Isabel in Ecuador. This particular dart frog is highly prized in the world of herpetology and among amphibian enthusiasts for its stunning appearance, and charming personality, this frog is sure to become the center of attention in any terrarium.


  • Vibrant Colors: Beyond its mesmerizing eyes, this frog features a stunning palette of red and greenish white stripes, creating a harmonious and eye-catching appearance.

  • Moderate Size: 'Santa Isabel' dart frogs are of moderate size, making them suitable for amphibian enthusiasts of all levels. Their manageable size ensures easy care and observation.

  • Curious and Playful: These frogs are known for their curious and playful nature. They are active explorers and enjoy interacting with their environment, providing endless entertainment for their owners.

  • Low-Maintenance: 'Santa Isabel' Frogs are relatively low-maintenance, making them an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced amphibian keepers. They thrive in well-maintained enclosures.

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Experience the enchantment of the Santa isabel Frog and add a touch of mystique to your terrarium. Order your Santa isabel Frog from BugEaters.co today and witness the hypnotic beauty and charm of this extraordinary amphibian.

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