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Introducing our PFM Complete Diet for crested geckos, gargoyle geckos, leachianus, chahoua, day geckos, and all other fruit-eating geckos. proudly presents this revolutionary gecko diet that is not only irresistibly palatable but also nutritionally complete. Our formula, developed and tested at Pangea, one of the largest gecko collections in the United States, is designed to provide the best possible nutrition for your beloved reptiles.

Key Features:

  • Over 60% Real Fruits: PFM Complete Diet is made with over 60% real fruits, ensuring that your geckos receive the natural flavors and nutrients they crave.

  • Protein from Whey Isolate and Egg Whites: We've incorporated high-quality protein sources, including whey protein isolate and egg whites, to support your geckos' health and vitality.

  • Guaranteed Enthusiastic Response: Our formula is designed to elicit an enthusiastic feeding response from your geckos. They'll love every bite of this delectable diet.

  • No Seeds, Nuts, or Seed Meals: We understand the importance of a gecko's diet. That's why we've omitted seeds, nuts, and seed meals to ensure a balanced and easily digestible meal.

  • Enhanced Formula: We've made minor adjustments to the formula to improve its texture and ease of consumption. With a change in the type of pectin used and the addition of a small amount of rice bran, your geckos can now enjoy their food without gelling overnight.

Premium Ingredients:

  • All-Natural Dried Fruits: Our gecko diet is enriched with all-natural dried fruits to provide essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Bee Pollen: Bee pollen offers a nutritious boost to support your geckos' well-being.

  • Spirulina: This superfood algae is included for its rich nutrient content and potential health benefits.

  • Probiotics: We've added probiotics to promote digestive health and overall vitality in your geckos.

Anti-Nutrient Minimization:

We've carefully selected ingredients with very low levels of anti-nutrients like Oxalates and Phytates to ensure your geckos get the most from their diet. We do not use seeds, nuts, seed meal, cereal grains, or high oxalate fruits or vegetables in our product.

Give your fruit-eating geckos the best nutrition with PFM Complete Diet from Our formula, backed by years of research and development, is the perfect balance of taste and nutrition. Order PFM Complete Diet today and treat your geckos to a meal they'll love, while ensuring their health and vitality for years to come.

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