Fig & Insect

Fig & Insect

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Introducing our latest gecko diet formula, Pangea Gecko Diet with Fig & Insects™, a delectable blend designed to entice your picky geckos with the rich taste of fig and a generous serving of insects. proudly presents this banana-free formula, expertly crafted to cater to the discerning palates of your reptilian companions.

Key Highlights:

  • Loaded with Insects: Pangea Gecko Diet with Fig & Insects™ is packed with a medley of insects, making it irresistible to your geckos while providing essential protein.

  • Fortified Nutrition: Our formula is fortified with high-quality proteins, vitamins, and minerals to ensure your geckos receive a complete and balanced diet.

  • Banana-Free Delight: This banana-free diet is perfect for geckos that prefer to avoid banana-flavored foods, offering them a delightful alternative.

  • All-Fruit Species: Suitable for all fruit-eating species, our formula provides a versatile diet for a variety of gecko breeds.

Why Choose Pangea Gecko Diet with Fig & Insects™?

  • Strong Fig Flavor: Our formula features a robust fig smell and flavor to captivate your geckos' taste buds and encourage hearty eating.

  • Insect Variety: We've included three species of insects in the diet, including crickets, black soldier fly larvae, and grown mealworms, to diversify protein sources and enhance omega fatty acid content.

  • Low Oxalic Acid: By using other fruits as the base, we've incorporated fig into the diet while avoiding high oxalic acid content, promoting the health of your geckos.

  • Increased Insect Content: This formula contains more than double the amount of insects compared to our original Pangea Gecko Diet with Insects™ formula, offering even more protein-rich goodness.

Serving Tips:

While Pangea Gecko Diet with Fig & Insects™ blends a bit thinner than other formulas, geckos seem to adore this thinner mix. To monitor consumption, offer smaller amounts of food initially, as lick marks in the food bowls may be less visible due to the thinner consistency.

Elevate your geckos' dining experience with Pangea Gecko Diet with Fig & Insects™ from Our expertly formulated blend combines irresistible fig flavor with a protein-rich insect medley, ensuring that your geckos enjoy a nutritious and tantalizing meal every time. Order your Pangea Gecko Diet with Fig & Insects™ today and watch your geckos chow down with enthusiasm.

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